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Friday, July 3, 2009

How to pay your student loans bills - Part 2

Master card That Makes Money For You!

AmBank Smartlink Prepaid Master Card

AmBank Smartlink Prepaid Master Card
Provide the most reliable and unique cash rewards programme for all our business partners.
Turn member’s daily expenditure into unlimited income

Just spend and collect S-Points
We will give you cash Rebates in exchange for every S-Point collected
Why wait? Register now and Be a Smart Member!

Anyone can qualify for this card. There is no income qualification or age limit

There are two ways to earn cash incentives for SmartLink2U card Members:
(1) Spending at all participating Smartlink2U Merchants and outlets where MASTERCARD® cards are accepted. Upon achieving a set number of points, the cardholder will receive cash rebates based on agreed formula.
(2) Member Get Member: Obtain RM10 cash rebates for every new members enrolment. When new members spend, a percentage of their points are shared with the introducing member.

To become an AmBank-SmartLink PrePaid MasterCard holder, you have to fill in an application form. This can be obtained from Introducer,(SmartLink2u card member) or call SmartLink for a form. Upon submission of the application form accompanied with a payment of RM 55, you will be given the AmBank-SmartLink PrePaid MasterCard.

Things to Know As a New Member

After 4 working days, you can;
Start using your card at any Smart Merchant outlet to swipe for S-points
You can top-up your card at any outlet with picture of AmBank NexG logo displayed. Once you top-up the card, you can make purchases at any MasterCard outlet to get AmBonus points. If that outlet is also a Smart Merchant, you would also be entitled to S-points. Click here for the list of top-up centres

After 20 working days;
You will receive your PIN from AmBank. The PIN will allow you to check your online statement via our website and provide you with another channel for top-up i.e. at AmBank cash deposit machines.

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