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Friday, February 25, 2011

More money to pay Student loan in Malaysia 2011 : PaMa's EPF /Kwsp


"EPF Credits RM21.61 Billion In Dividens To Members’ Accounts For 2010"
Loans For Student
Education Withdrawal

This withdrawal allows you to utilize your savings in Account 2 to finance your education or your children's education (including step-children and legally adopted children) at an Institution of Higher Learning either locally or abroad.

Application Eligibility

A Malaysian Citizen; OR
A Malaysian Citizen who has made Leaving The Country Withdrawal before 1 August 1995 and has opted to re-contribute to the EPF; OR
A Non-Malaysian Citizen who:
Has become an EPF member before 1 August 1998; OR
Has obtained a Permanent Resident status (PR).
You have not reached the age 55 at the time the EPF receives your application; AND
You still have savings balance in your Account 2.

:: KWSP 9H (AHL) - Application for Education Withdrawal ::

» Terms Of Withdrawal
» Courses Allowed
» Tuition Fees Allowed
» Terms and Conditions for Members / Member’s Children Who Are Receiving Sponsorship (Scholarship / Study Assistance / Study Loan)
» Terms and Conditions for Members/ Member’s Children to Reduce/ Fully Settle Study Loan
» Other Terms and Conditions Which Must Be Adhered To By The Applicant
» Frequency of Withdrawals Allowed
» List Of Documents Required
» Supporting Documents
» List Of Documents For Withdrawal Application To Fully Settle/ Reduce Balance Of Study Loan
» Modes Of Payment
» Submission Of Application
» Important Notice
» Enquiry
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